Is It Worth Buying IPhone 8 Plus In 2020?

Why should I buy the iPhone 8 plus?

The iPhone 8 Plus has an improved version of the traditional FaceTime camera, which you may be familiar with from the earlier iPhones.

It takes 7-megapixel photos and records 1080p video.

The Retina Flash (the iPhone’s screen is used as a flash) helps you get better lighting for your selfies.

Is the iPhone 8 plus still a good phone?

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus aren’t mere consolation prizes to Apple’s pricier flagships. They pack a ton of good features, including blazing fast processors, solid cameras and wireless charging. And because of they’re relatively low prices, they’re still some of the best phones you can buy today.

Is iPhone 8 plus worth it 2020?

The iPhone 8 Plus (released in 2017) has an A11 Bionic Chip and is still super fast – with great battery life and Portrait Mode. The only thing you’re missing out on if you upgraded to a newer model is Face ID and the larger display. If you particularly like the Plus size models, the iPhone 8 Plus is perfect for 2020.

Should I buy iPhone 8 or 8 Plus?

Both the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus run using the new 64-bit CPU which has a slightly atypical hexa-core design that pairs two high-performance cores with four high-efficiency cores.

iPhone 8 vs iPhone 8 Plus: Which phone is more powerful?

iPhone 8iPhone 8 Plus
Screen4.7-inch Retina Display5.5-inch Retina Display

18 more rows

How long will an iPhone 8 plus last?

Based on Apple’s past behavior, we can surmise that they will support and update the iPhone 8 for, about, 5 years – give or take a year. The iPhone 8 was released in September 2017 so, again, based on past Apple behavior, we can expect support to last until, at least, 2021, or as late as 2023.

Is the iPhone 11 as bigger than 8 plus?

Apple’s advances in screen tech mean that although iPhone 8 Plus is a considerably bigger device, iPhone 11 has a bigger screen – a 6.1-inch LCD display that will render your favourite content in sumptuous detail and colour.

Is iPhone 8 plus bigger than XR?

At 6.1 inches, the iPhone XR’s display is technically larger than the iPhone 8 Plus’ 5.5-inch display when measured diagonally, but looking at them side by side, there isn’t that much of a difference in actual screen space.

What is special about the iPhone 8 plus?

Apple says the A11 Bionic processor in the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus is the most powerful and smartest chip that’s ever been introduced in a smartphone. It features a six-core CPU with two high performance cores and four high efficiency cores.

Which iPhone is better 7 plus or 8 plus?

Performance: iPhone 8 Plus has Apple’s latest A11 Bionic chip. It has two performance cores that are 25 percent faster, and four high-efficiency cores that are 70 percent faster, than the A10 chip in iPhone 7 Plus. Bluetooth: iPhone 8 Plus has Bluetooth 5.0, while iPhone 7 Plus has Bluetooth 4.2.

Is iPhone 8 plus discontinued?

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were discontinued by Apple on April 15, 2020 with the release of the second-generation iPhone SE. Besides the addition of a glass back, the designs of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are largely similar to that of their predecessors.

Will iPhone 8 price go down?

Whenever this happens, Apple drops the price of older models by around $100. First introduced back in September 2017, the iPhone 8 was originally priced at $699. Last year, Apple dropped the iPhone 8 price to $599 (64GB) which means for 2019, we can expect the iPhone 8 price to fall to around $499 or less.

Why is the iPhone 8 discontinued?

This is because while Apple doesn’t necessarily make “budget” phones, the older models are sold for less, making it an option for those who don’t have the money or see the need to purchase a high-end iPhone. That being said, we suppose it actually makes sense that the iPhone 8 is discontinued.

Is Apple still selling iPhone 8 plus?

Apple today stopped selling the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus after announcing the second-generation iPhone SE. The second-generation iPhone SE is essentially an upgraded iPhone 8, with a 4.7-inch display and Touch ID home button, but with a faster A13 Bionic chip.