Question: What Is No Maintenance?

What is the opposite of high-maintenance?

What is the opposite of high-maintenance?low-maintenanceeasy to care foreasy-carestraightforwarduntroublesomeundemandingtrouble-freeuncomplicatedsimple.

What is another way to say low maintenance?

What is another word for low-maintenance?maintenance-freeno-maintenancelow-upkeepno upkeep

What does maintenance free living mean?

Why Maintenance Free Living? … That means residents don’t have to shell out un-budgeted funds to manage garden care or lawn maintenance, it just gets done. And they don’t have to spend weekends planting flowers, laying mulch or mowing the lawn, either and can focus on what they like to do most instead.

What’s considered high maintenance in a girl?

A high maintenance girl is someone who has high standards with respect to almost everything! She not only has high expectations with respect to material things but also with respect to her need for love and attention. Being high maintenance can be related to anything, it can be materialistic, emotional or otherwise.

What is emotionally high maintenance?

A high maintenance woman is considered to be emotionally needy, rather than financially or physically demanding. By definition, a woman cannot be ‘high maintenance’ on her own. … Men who use the term ‘high maintenance’ are not looking for emotional intimacy.

What makes a person high maintenance?

If you describe something or someone as high-maintenance, you mean that they require a lot of time, money, or effort. Small gardens can be high maintenance. … a high-maintenance individual who needs to be the centre of attention.

What is high maintenance and low maintenance woman?

The terms seem fairly harmless when you simply look at their definitions: High maintenance means “needing a lot of work to keep in good condition;” low maintenance means “requiring little work to keep in good condition.”

What is the opposite of low maintenance?

Antonyms for Low-maintenance: high-maintenance.

What pets are low maintenance?

The Top 7 Best Low Maintenance PetsBirds.Snakes. … Sea Monkeys. … Guinea pigs. … Goldfish. Ahh, the goldfish. … Cats. If you claim that you are not a “cat person”, have you ever tried owning a cat? … Hamsters. Taking care of a hamster is easy once they have the proper cage. …

How can you tell if a girl is high maintenance?

12 Surefire Signs She’s a High Maintenance GirlShe’s Self-Obsessed.She Cares About What Other People Think.She Believes That She’s ‘Settling’ For You.She Treats You Like An Errand Boy.She Doesn’t Care About Your Timeline.She Doesn’t Have Many Good Female Friends.She’s Needy.She’s Controlling.More items…•Apr 22, 2021

Is being high maintenance good?

Being high maintenance doesn’t necessarily mean you have expensive taste or a demanding personality. What you do want is to have your needs and desires fulfilled. You have high expectations of the men in your life, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Which car has the lowest maintenance cost?

And these are the cheapest models to maintain and repair for a decade’s ownership, according to Yaris subcompact hatchback: $3,289.Toyota Corolla compact sedan/hatchback: $3,247.Toyota Camry midsize sedan: $3,499.Honda Fit subcompact hatchback: $3,673.More items…•Nov 18, 2019

How do you date a high maintenance girl?

How To Date A High-Maintenance WomanPatience is a virtue. We high maintenance women take pride in our appearance and spend hours daily perfecting the look. … Shopaholics anonymous. Spending hundreds of dollars on clothes is nothing out of the ordinary. … Compliments are key. … It’s the little things. … Fashion first. … Our esthetician is our BFF.Jan 24, 2015

What does it mean when a girl is low maintenance?

Men typically want women to be low maintenance, because it means they can do what they want, when they want, with little or no consequences. … So when men say a girl is low-maintenance, they definitely mean it as a compliment, whether it’s actually a good thing or not.

When people say your low maintenance?

And as Urban Dictionary’s definition goes, a low-maintenance is “Someone who is easy to please, does not require constant pampering, attention or gifts or things done ‘their way or no way. ‘”

How can you tell if a girl is materialistic?

Hidden Signs Of A Materialistic Woman You Need To Know1 Signs Of A Materialistic Woman. 1.1 1. Pays Lots Of Attention To Her Appearance. 1.2 2. Loves To Shop. 1.3 3. Doesn’t Pay Her Own Bills. 1.4 4. Likes Showing Off. 1.5 5. Glamorous Lifestyle. 1.6 6. Loves Rich Men. 1.7 7. Frivolous Spender. 1.8 8. Hangs With The Socialites. 1.9 9. Prideful. … 2 Other Signs To Look Out For.

Is high maintenance an insult?

The term “high maintenance” is basically an adult version of “princess.” Neither is funny or cute. They’re derogatory terms that are specifically designed to shame women.

What does it mean when a guy calls a girl high maintenance?

In these cases the implication was clear: these needy women are making unreasonable demands of me. When people describe boyfriends or girlfriends as high maintenance, what they mean is they have “higher than normal expectations, and therefore more difficult or challenging to deal with”.

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