What Color Dress Compliments A Blue Suit?

What colors go with a blue suit?

Pretty much any shirt colour will work with a blue suit, except for maybe green or mustard yellow.

But practically any other colour will complement a blue suit.

If we’re to pick a few favourite shirt colours to rock with a blue suit then it would be white, light blue, pink and of course black..

What Colour suit should a groom wear?

Blue or navy groom suits are the best choice for a colorful look. Shades of blue tend to punch up the colors you pair with them, bringing out the best in your tie, pocket square, or even the dress shirt you choose. The blue suit is modern and bold—a smart choice for an evening wedding in the spring or summer.

What color shoes do you wear with a blue suit?

The shoes that go best with a blue suit are navy or white. Ground a blue suit with navy shoes for a sophisticated tonal look that still feels relaxed. White provides fresh contrast when worn with blue, and looks clean and crisp enough for the workplace.

Can I wear a blue suit to a wedding?

Can I wear a blue suit to a wedding? Yes, you can wear a blue suit to a wedding, as well as other formal events. When attending a wedding, men should wear a formal suit or tuxedo with matching pants, belt, button-down shirt, tie (or bowtie), and dress shoes.

What are the best colors for a wedding?

So read on, get inspired, and discover the ultimate list of the best wedding colors!Emerald, Cream and Gold. Photo by Leah Banick. … Navy, Yellow and Blue. … Burgundy, Ivory and Sage. … Green, Navy, Pale Blue and Gold. … Champagne, Green and Black. … Peach, Sage and Light Blue. … Gold and Pink. … Lilac, Celery and White.More items…•Sep 19, 2019

What dress color goes with a navy suit?

Whatever the season, doff your hat to autumn when picking accessories. Red and orange hues match well with a navy suit. Alternatively, a light pink or coral tie will look smashing against navy. You can’t beat the contrast of a crisp white shirt against a smart navy suit.

What color bridesmaid dresses look good with navy suits?

Emerald green is one of my favorite bridesmaid dresses that go with navy suits. A nice neutral that goes with everything! It is one of the bridesmaid dresses that go with navy suits for any season.

What is the wedding color for 2020?

Pantone Color Mint Blue Gender-neutral, the mint color is a great shade of green seen in the pastels predicted to dominate the fashion industry. You will also see this color on our very own list of top 2020 wedding color schemes.

What color socks do you wear with a blue suit?

When talking about suits, wear your black socks with medium or dark blue suits, and medium or dark brown shoes. Neutral colors such as shades of white, beige, but also darker colors such as shoes of grey or khaki can go with blue suits. The lighter neutrals are usually paired with light blue suits.

Are blue suits professional?

Light Gray and Blue are very casual suit colors and are perfect for summer-wear and casual events. They are both too casual for formal events.

What is the best month for a fall wedding?

June, September and October are considered the months with the best weather to get married, due to their milder weather.

What are fall colors for a wedding?

14 Fall Wedding Color Schemes That Will Fulfill All Your Cozy, Leafy DreamsCaramel and apricot. This content is imported from Instagram. … Black, burgundy, and purple. … Bright yellow shades. … Black and white. … Warm jewel tones. … Deep green and white. … Pumpkin, sage, and blush. … Rich shades of purple.More items…•Jun 23, 2020

What should a guy wear to match a navy blue dress?

Look for colors that complement the navy blue dress. You want something clearly different, yet harmonious with the dress. Perhaps pink, orange, or red would work, each paired with a shirt that matches it.

Should you wear brown shoes with a blue suit?

Light blue suits can be worn with brown shoes in either a dark or lighter tone, including tan or cognac colours, as well as more casual shoe styles. For professional settings, it’s always safe to stick to the dark blue suit and dark brown oxford shoes combination.

Who should pay for groomsmen suits?

Whether it’s black-tie, formal or semi-formal attire, by the tradition the groomsmen usually pay for their own suits when buying them outright. As the groom, you’ll have a say in style choices, colors and how smart you want the groomsmen to be dressed.

Is it OK to wear black shoes with blue suit?

The important thing to remember is not all blue suits should be worn with black shoes. … If the blue suit color is too light or vibrant then the suit overall skews more casual, making it less appropriate to wear a shoe as formal as black.

Does the groom’s tie have to match the bridesmaids dresses?

Your groomsmen ties don’t necessarily need to match your bridesmaid dresses, but they do need to coordinate with them and with the groom’s outfit. … If the groomsmen are wearing neckties, the groom might want to consider a bow tie instead.

Does the grooms tie match the bride?

Answer: The groom can most certainly wear a necktie or bow tie that is a different color than the ones that the groomsmen will be wearing. As you mention, white (and also ivory/off-white) are often popular for grooms because those colors typically complement the bride’s gown.

How do you pick a suit for a groom?

So, choose the wedding suit considering that how you could re-wear the same suit even after the wedding. Go for a color that is suitable also for the other formal events or formal office meetings like midnight blue or charcoal grey.

Does navy blue and black match?

As you can see, black and navy are in the same family and can be worn together, so feel free to embrace this pairing to your outfit preferences. Remember to stick to three colors maximum in your outfit: black, navy and one more neutral (if desired).

What tie goes with pink shirt and blue suit?

Blue Suit with a Pink Shirt and a Blue Tie A mid-width, cashmere tie and brown, smart, and non-scuffed loafers work well here. Alternatively, a thin striped silk tie can be paired with black leather shoes. Your belt should always match your shoes.

How can I make my groom stand out?

6 Stylish Ways the Groom Can Stand OutOpt for a Different Suit. … Wear a Bow Tie. … Go for a Different Colour Tie or Bow Tie. … Wear a Waistcoat. … Embrace the Little Details. … Go for a Patterned Shirt.May 11, 2016

Should a man tie match a woman dress?

For formal weddings and receptions, couples absolutely do coordinate their attire. Men wear black tie or white tie as the event requires and women are appropriately dressed for the level of formality.

Who wears matching suits at a wedding?

Traditionally the groom should wear the same outfit as his best man and any groomsmen, as well as possibly the fathers of the couple. However, as it is a very special day for the groom, most want to do something different to make them stand out from the crowd.

What brown shoes go with navy suit?

When it comes to a navy suit, brown shoes of any shade—from tan to dark brown—will work. Style your navy suit with a light brown shoe for an outdoor wedding or a date night, or pair it with a darker brown shoe for a business meeting.

What color dress looks good with a blue suit?

So bright shades of coral, yellow, purple, mint, etc. Navy suits work particularly well if your bride as a fun palette in mind. But don’t let that stop you, if you’re going for something more neutral or subtle. Ivory, champagne and blush are top-notch options, as well, for a crisp and clean look.

Does GREY go with navy blue?

3. Grey and navy blue. As with any dark paint colour it’s important to balance it with large areas of neutral to stop it being too overbearing in a room. … The rich navy mixes beautifully with pale greys and lighter blues to create a gentle, natural colour combination.

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