What Should I Do When I Get A New IPhone?

How do I transfer everything from my old iPhone to my new iPhone 11?

  • How to Use Quick Start. Turn on both your iPhones and place it next together.
  • Transfer your iCloud Backup to your New iPhone 11. Turn on iPhone 11 and wait till a ‘Hello’ screen appear.
  • Transfer your iTunes Backup to your New iPhone 11. Turn on iPhone 11 and wait till a ‘Hello’ screen appear.

Do apps transfer to new iPhone?

Using an iCloud backup, you can transfer all of your apps to a new iPhone at once, without paying anything extra. You can also use the App Store to pick and choose which apps you’d like to download on your new iPhone.

How do you transfer photos from one phone to the other?

Select the Android phone which you would like to transfer photos from. Go to Photos tab on the top. It will display all the photos on your source Android phone. Select the photos you would like to transfer and click Export > Export to Device to transfer the selected photos to the target Android phone.

How long must a new phone charge?

8 to 12 hours

How do you transfer photos from old iPhone to new one?

Step 2: Tap on the Device button and choose Summary. Step 3: Check the backup settings and click Back Up Now to make a backup of your old iPhone. Step 4: When it’s finished, restore your new iPhone from iTunes backup, by which you can transfer photos from your old iPhone to the new one.

How can I get my pictures from one iPhone to another?

Here’s how you use AirDrop on both phones to transfer pictures and videos over:

  1. On your new iPhone, go to Settings.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Scroll to AirDrop.
  4. Set it to Everyone to receive an AirDrop from any iOS device.
  5. Now go to the Photos app on your old iPhone.
  6. Select the photos you want to transfer, then tap the Share button.

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